Reign of Winter

Crossing the River

Second Session

The group broke camp and pushed on from their frustrating (and exhausting) fight with the pixies.

After traveling a while, they encountered a talking elk who questioned why they are in his woods and offered to guide them to the bandit’s camp. Avis noticed something was wrong about the situation and was conferring with the others when the stag rushed Obriel Felamir. A small fey creature was spotted messing with KarFu Derthag’s halberd, and took a fairly solid hit and disappearing. The elk defeated and field-dressed, the party trudged on.

After an hours or so they come across a snowman next to a frozen river. Karfu approached to investigate and triggered some sort of sonic attack, possibly alerting enemies to their position. Pezzack Redbeak was the first to attempt crossing, but he broke through the ice. A winter feathers spell protected Pezzack from the worst of it, but he was unable to extract himself from the water without help. KarFu moved in to assist, but was met by two ice elementals. Moments later one elemental was destroyed, but KarFu was also soaking wet. He ran across the ice, and soon others followed. The second elemental attacked Avis, but was beaten by combined strength of the whole party. Obriel was the last to cross. The group set camp so they could warm up KarFu and dry their equipment. Elk steaks were enjoyed by all.

After a few hours the group moved on. Pezzack heard talking in the forest up ahead, and the party snuck up on a group of bandits. Two bandits fell more or less where they sat, but the third made a break for it. Obriel’s slumber hex slowed him down, allowing the group to finish off his companions before giving chase. Intimidated, surprised, outnumbered, and the victim of a ray of sickening spell, the bandit surrendered when KarFu caught up with him 6 rounds later.

After falling to Avis’ charm person, the bandit agreed to lead the group to the lodge the Raiders were using as a base of operations in exchange for clemency. He led them along the path for quite a while and then rushed forward, screaming loudly. KarFu had to kill him quickly to quiet his cries out to his fellow raiders.



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